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Do you need new tires?   Give us a call !!  

We sell & install all major brands.  Dunlop, Avon, Continental, Shinko, Kenda, Bridgeston, Michelin, and more

This offers you a much nicer & shinier finished product over abrasive glass beadblasting.  Perfect for restoration work. Very gentle process that does not harm the metal.  Parts must be fully cleaned & degreased for vapor blasting.

Vapor Blasting / Honing - email for quote

Shop Rates  

(due to time constraints we are not accepting new carburetor repair work at this time)

Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning / Rebuild (off bike) - 

Single carb / 1 cyl - (non-harley) $100 + parts Harley single carb $125 + parts
Inline twins / 2 carbs.   $200 + parts
V-twins (2 carbs / non-harley)              $200 + parts
   Inline 3 cyl.  (3 carbs)          $250 + parts            
Inline 4 cyl.                                                                $300 + parts
      V-fours   $300 + parts

 **Carb cleaning service includes disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning of carb bodies and components, reassembly, installation of new parts as needed (o-rings, float needles, jets, etc), float level set to factory spec, and bench sync'd.  

 **In addition to clean carburetors, a few of the other items that must be correct, for bike to run properly include : ignition points clean, properly gapped, and timed to engine, other ignition system components working properly, valve clearances within factory specs, proper compressions, exhaust in good condition, rubber intake manifold boots in good condition with no cracks or vacuum leaks, airbox properly sealed and air filter in good condition)

 **Parts extra

 **Motorcycle carburetor repairs are a time consuming, delicate process, not recommended to be performed by beginners. Our technicians have years of experience with motorcycle carburetors, and know what it takes to make your bike run the way its supposed to.


Oil & Filter Change  - $49.95 (includes 1 black spin-on or cartridge type oil filter)  (most bikes)  
No appt. needed

Tire mount & balance -  

NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED FOR TIRE CHANGES - Off bike tire changes done while you wait. On bike tire installs usually done same day (next day if dropped off in the pm)

Off bike - $29.95 tubeless  (add $10 for tube style wheel)

                  ** $5.00 discount per wheel, with tire purchase

On bike  (fairing/saddlebag removal extra) - 

                  ** $10.00 discount per wheel, with tire purchase

Front wheel - $59.95 tubeless (add $10 for tube style) 

Rear wheel  - $69.95 tubeless (add $10 for tube style)
Rear wheel  - $89.95 "Touring" or "Bagger" bike 

Add $5 if wheel has "rim locks" (usually on dirt bikes, or drag bikes with spoke wheels)


                  ** $10.00 discount per wheel, with tire purchase

GL1000 without saddlebags - see above pricing

GL1000-1200 - $70 front / $145 rear

GL1500 - $80 front / $250 rear

GL1800 - $80 front / $80 rear

**removal of non-original accessories, such as brake disc              covers, light rails, and hitches is at standard shop rate

We like everything on 2 wheels !!

We Buy Motorcycles.  Any Condition.

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